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Here to Home is a Home Advantage loan program established by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission. The Here to Home program puts homeownership within reach for more Washington families by providing financial resources to those who qualify. 

Many people are unaware Down Payment Assistance programs exist. Once they are discovered, there can be some confusion as to what they are and how to take advantage of them. I'm here to help clear up some misconceptions and help you determine if Down Payment Assistance is right for you. 

First let's take a look at what Down Payment Assistance is. Down Payment Assistance is a program that loans money to home buyers to help them make the down payment. Why is this important? Well, let's say you would like to buy a home in Kitsap County, WA. The average sale price for a home in Kitsap County, WA is $603,000 (NWMLS Oct 2023). Now, let's say you have been working with a fantastic lender who qualified you for a 20% down, conventional loan. That means the down payment (cash, out of pocket funds) to complete your home purchase would be $120,000.00. Your families dreams of owning a home would quickly fade, since the average American household has a savings of only $62,410 ( That's where Down Payment Assistance comes to the rescue. There are hundreds of Down Payment Assistance Programs in Washington State. The loan you receive from the downpayment assistance program kicks in to make up the funds you need to buy. See how many Down Payment Assistance programs you might qualify for, click on the icon below. 

 Down Payment Assistance


  1. VERIFY YOUR INCOME: Borrowers must not exceed the Maximum Annual Income Limit, $180,000.00.
  2. ATTEND A FREE HOME BUYER EDUCATION SEMINAR: It will provide you with the steps to buying your first home. You will receive a certificate upon completion of the class, valid for two years. This will be a requirement of your loan process.
  3. CONTACT A COMMISSION TRAINED LOAN OFFICER: They can find the right loan type that will work with our programs to see if you qualify. They also know the income limits we require. 
  4. ONCE YOU KNOW HOW MUCH YOU QUALIFY FOR, IT'S TIME TO LOOK FOR A HOME: Your lender and real estate professional will work with you to locate and finance a home.

Already Have a Location or a Specific Home in Mind?

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Down Payment Assistance



Are you or the person you are buying a home with one of the following:

  • American Indian 
  • Educator
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Firefighter 
  • Healthcare Worker
  • Veteran 
  • U.S. Military - Enlisted
  • The surviving spouse of a military member or public protector

If so, you could be eligible for Additional Financial Assistance. Click on the icon below to learn more.


Down Payment Assistance



Washington State Department of Financial Institutions protects Washington homeowners and buyers.  Free state sponsored counseling is available to Washington residents who are facing foreclosure, thinking of buying a home, or considering refinancing.  To speak with a counselor, call the Washington Homeownership Information Hotline at 1.877.894.HOME (1.877.894.4663).